Shelly Gas LPG - WiFi Smart Gas Sensor



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Shelly Gas CNG - Wi -Fi gas sensor

Shelly Gas is a natural gas sensor that offers additional protection to your home, allows to monitor the state of the sensor from anywhere.

With Shelly Gas it is possible to know promptly about the existence of a gas escape and be alerted through the Shelly Cloud application or trigger other devices you want. For example, if it detects a gas escape turning off all the lights at home and emit the beep.

The compact Shelly Gas design allows it to be installed in an obstructive way on any 220V socket and works by Wi-Fi if you want to.

Product Specifications: 
Brand: Shelly
Flame resistant: yes
Application: Shelly Cloud
Connectivity: WiFi 802.11 B/G/N
Food: 220V AC
Gas Detector: LPG
Alarm: Indicative and sound light
Sound alarm:> 70db
Alarm Sensitivity: 6% LEL
Smart Alerts: Yes
Flame resistant: yes
Operational Temperature: -10ºC-+50ºC
Energy consumption: <3W
Dimensions (mm): 89.5 x 89.5 x 38 (excluding the form)
Weight: 183g
Compatibility: iOS, Android, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Web, Rest Api, etc.

Bar Code: 3809511202463
Reference: Shgas


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