Shelly H&T Plus Gen3 - Temperature and Moisture Sensor

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State -of -the -art sensor to monitor temperature and moisture through WiFi and Bluetooth (generation 3)

This sensor precisely monitors temperature and moisture, fundamental to a healthy home environment. Integrate it with other shelly devices for climate automation, ensuring ideal comfort. No necessary hub! Easy control through the Shelly Smart Control app, compatibility with various protocols, platforms and voice assistants. Equipped with the new Shelly chip: 8MB of memory, faster response, update via firmware. It features a low -consumer electronic paper display and built -in clock, working with type C USB slot for a faster connection. Requires 4 AA BATTERIES (not included) with low consumption (up to 1 year of life). It can be mounted on the wall, has incorporated web server and connects to the Wi-Fi network.

Product characteristics:

Brand: Shelly
Product: Shelly H&T Gen3
Color: Mocha
 Without support: 70x70x26 mm 
 With support: 70x70x45 mm
 Ambient temperature: 0 ° C to 40 ° C 
Humidity: 30 % to 70 %
Power supply:
 Batteries: 4 AA (LR6) 1.5 V (Batteries not included) 
 USB power supply: Type-C (cable not included)
 Estimated battery duration: up to 12 months
Electric consumption:
 Suspension Mode: ≤32μA
 Configuration Mode: ≤76MA
RF Band: 2400 - 2495 MHz
Maximum RF power: <20 dbm
Wi-Fi Protocol: 802.11 B/G/N
Operational Range (WIFI):
 Outdoor: up to 50 m 
 Interior (house): up to 30 m 
Bluetooth protocol: 4.2
Operational Range (Bluetooth):
 Outdoor: up to 30 m 
 Interior (house): up to 10 m 
CPU: Esp-Shelly-C38F
Brightness: 8MB
Webhooks (URL actions): 10 with 2 URLs per hook

1x Selly H&T Gen3
1x Support 
1x assembly kit 
1x Instruction Manual 

Bar Code: 3800235261569

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