Shelly Plug S - Smart Portable Plug 12A 2500W WiFi


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WiFi Portable Smart Plug 12A 2500W- Shelly Plug S

A smart power socket that can be plugged into any connected device/load, making you push the on/off button, where the LED should flash blue , which means Shelly is not in AP mode.
With an electronic control volume, the device has a capacity of up to 2500 W 12A , which provides information on energy consumption.
All Shelly devices are updated with Amazon Alexa virtual assistant and Google Assistant.
The Shelly Plug S operates on 230V and fits into a standard power outlet.
Backed by a 3-year warranty , the device controls a wide range of electronics and office equipment such as lights, power lines, security systems and equipment.

With a smart plug you can control your appliances by:
Voice commands (With an Amazon Alexa virtual assistant/smart speaker or Google Assistant);
Mobile application (App SmartLife or Tuya);
Allows remote control (You don't need to be on the same internet network to control);
Physical button (Outlet);
Program when you want the socket to turn on/off, adapted to your daily routine;

You can have the energy consumption of your socket, that is, what the socket has to consume.

Product Specifications:
Brand: Shelly
App: Shelly Cloud
Power: 110-230V ±10%, 50/60Hz
Maximum power: 2500W 12A
Precise and integrated energy meter, with the opportunity to measure the overall consumption of all electronic devices.
Embedded WEB Server, with access to Shelly Plug S in a device suitable for internet connection, anywhere in the world.
With possibility to schedule weekly on/off.

Barcode: 3809511201879

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