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Shelly Plus 1PM Mini: The Compact Smart Switch with Precise Control and Power Monitoring

The Shelly Plus 1PM Mini is a small-format smart switch designed for remote control and power measurement with a capacity of 8A . A hub is not required for control; use the Shelly Smart Control app, voice assistants like Alexa and multiple platforms and protocols.

It allows you to conveniently manage circuits and appliances from anywhere via your mobile device or home automation system. This versatile device can be installed in tight spaces, making it a practical choice for many installations.

With its built-in web interface and quick Bluetooth setup, it offers a hassle-free user experience. Plus, it performs fast with an ESP32 processor and versatile connectivity options. Set custom schedules , create smart scenes, and take advantage of advanced scheduling for additional customization.

Product characteristics:
Brand: Shelly
Model: Shelly Plus 1PM Mini
Connectivity: Wifi, Bluetooth
Application: Shelly cloud (Android, iOS)
Dimensions: 29x34x16 ±0.5
Weight: 18 ±1 g
Mounting: wall box
Screw terminals maximum torque: 0.4 Nm / 3.5 lbin
Conductor cross-section: 0.5 to 1.5 mm² / 20 to 16 AWG
Stripped conductor length: 5 to 6 mm / 0.20 to 0.24 in
Housing Material: Plastic
Color: Red
Ambient temperature: -20 °C to 40 °C / -5 °F to 105 °F
Humidity: 30% to 70% RH
Maximum altitude: 2000 m / 6562 feet
Power supply: 110 - 240 VAC / 24 - 30 VDC
Relay: NO contact, 1 pole, µ contact
External protection: 10 A, tripping characteristic B or C,
Power consumption: <1.2W
Maximum AC switching voltage: 240V
Maximum DC switching voltage: N/A
Maximum AC switching current: 8A
Maximum DC switching current: N/A
Maximum AC switching power: 2000W
Power measurement: Yes
Voltage/cut protection: Yes
Current protection / cut: Yes
Maximum power protection/cut: Yes
Internal temperature sensor: Yes
Flash: 4MB
Hours: 20

1x Shelly Plus 1PM Mini
1x Instruction Manual

Reference: SHPMINI1PM
Barcode: 3800235265666

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