Shelly 3EM Pro - Wifi + 3-core 3-phase power meter 120 Amps


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Shelly Pro 3EM DIN mount three-phase power meter + 3x Core 120 Amps.

The Shelly Pro 3EM is a professional grade three-phase energy meter designed to measure the energy consumption of industrial and commercial installations. The Shelly Pro 3EM is capable of measuring the energy consumption of up to three distinct phases , providing accurate and reliable data on the energy usage of industrial equipment, machinery, and other high power devices. It can measure both active and reactive power, as well as voltage and current. Its ability to integrate with other automation systems, such as the Shelly Cloud platform, which provides remote access and control of the energy meter, as well as real-time data and analysis on energy use. This helps industrial and commercial facilities optimize their energy use and reduce costs, while improving their overall sustainability.

Product characteristics:
Module / Relay / Reley / Relay / Switch Shelly 3 EM Pro:
Brand: Shelly
Model: Shelly Pro 3EM
Application: Shelly Cloud
Dimensions: 94 x 19 x 69 mm
Weight: 62g
AC supply voltage: 110 - 240 V, 50/60 Hz
DC supply voltage: N/A
Power consumption: < 3W
Temperature sensor: yes
Voltmeters (RMS for each phase): 100 - 260 V
Accuracy of voltmeters: ±1
Amp Accuracy: ±1% (2-120A), ±2% (1-2A), ±5% (0-1A)
WiFi protocol: 802.11 b/g/n
RF Band: 2401 - 2495 MHz
Max. RF signal strength: <20 dBm
Wifi: Up to 30m indoors and 50m in line of sight
Bluetooth protocol: 4.2
Bluetooth: Up to 10m indoors and 30m in line of sight
Mounting: DIN rail
Maximum torque of screw terminals: 0.4 Nm
Conductor cross-section: 0.5 to 2.5 mm²
Outer Material: Plastic
Color white

1x Shelly 3EM Pro
3x Core 120 Amps

Reference: SHPRO3EM
Barcode: 3800235268100

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