Shelly Qubino Z-Wave 1-Z-Wave Module

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Shelly Qubino Wave 1-Z-Wave Module 1 Z-Wave Automation Switch 1, 16 Amps for dry contacts. 

Shelly Qubino Wave 1 Switch Module for Automation Z-WAVE ™ with 1 channel and capacity of 16 A is Designed to control a wide range of office devices and equipment, such as electric locks, garage, garage ports, watering systems, LED tapes, lights and sockets.

 The module works with 110-240v AC, 12V DC or 24-48V DC tensions. This makes it perfect for controlling apparatus or systems that use tensions not necessarily equal to WAVE 1 feeding (such as garage gates or irrigation systems).

 Shelly Qubino Wave 1 is a shelly quibino module that works with Z-Wave and can communicate perfectly with other devices that use this technology, regardless of your brand or platform, however, a need for a smart hub centered for this communication.

 Wave 1 is designed to be installed behind any switch or outlet, transforming it instantly into a smart device. 

Once installed, you can include it in your Z-WAVE network and control the lights or offices attached to the outlet from anywhere using your smartphone or tablet.

Product characteristics:

Brand: Shelly
Model: Qubino Z-Wave 1
Food: 110-240V AC / 24-48V DC / 12V DC ± 10%
Energy Consumption: <0.3 W
Contact Potential free: yes (dry contact)
Maximum switching voltage / AC: 240V / 16 A
Voltage / Maximum switching current DC: 30V / 10 A
CPU: Z-WAVE ™ S800 (System-in-Package)
Z-Wave Communication:
· Frequencies: Under-G (from 868.4 to 920.9 MHz)
· Z-WAVE ™ repeater: yes
· Range: up to 40m in interior spaces (depends on local conditions)
Protection against overheating: yes
Driver's cross section: 0.5 to 1.5 mm² (20 to 16 AWG)
Enclosure Material: Plastic
Ambient temperature: -20 ° C to 40 ° C
Humidity: 30% to 70% hr

1 x shelly qubino wave 1 
1x Instruction Manual

Bar code: 3800235269039
Reference: Shzwave1

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