Shelly Qubino Z-Wave 2pm-Z-Wave Module



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Shelly Qubino Wave 2pm - Z -Wave Module 2 PM Energy measurement automation switch 2 10 amps channels. 

The Shelly QUBINO Z-WAVE 2PM CTop two independent electrical circuits or electrical appliances from anywhere and monitors their power consumption separately and together.

Wave 2 PM It works with tensions of 110-240v AC or 24V DC, has two contacts that support currents up to 10 amps (but only 16 amps together) and is compatible with switches and pressure buttons.

This module, from the Shelly Qubino series, works with Z-Wave and can communicate perfectly with other devices that use this technology, regardless of its brand or platform, but, for this, a smart hub centralized.

This one can establish direct communication with other Z-Wave devices and perform some personalized actions without the presence of a hub! It also allows you to create personalized schedules aligned with your daily routine or synchronize actions with sunrise/sunset to manage your lighting or create custom scenarios, but it takes a gateway.


Product characteristics:
Brand: Shelly
Model: Qubino Z-Wave 2pm
2 channels (2x 10a, 16th total)
Perform energy measurement on each channel and together
Extremely low energy consumption: 0.3 W
Newer technology: Z-Wave Series 800
Z-Wave Frequency Band: 868.4 MHz (CEPT countries)
Automatic configuration with smartstart
Authenticated for the highest level of security (S2)
Supports OTA (over-the-air) firmware updates
Simple installation in most electric boxes and standard switches
Works with Z-Wave certified gateways and more than 4,000 Z-Wave devices
Food: 110-240V AC / 24V DC
Energy Consumption: <0.3 W
· Maximum switching voltage AC: 240V
· Maximum switching current AC: 10A for channel; 16th total; 18th peak
· Voltage / maximum switching current DC: 30V / 10 A
· Dry contacts: No (they are linked to the phase)
Power and energy measurement: yes
CPU: Z-WAVE ™ S800 (System-in-Package)
Z-Wave Communication:
· Frequency: 868.4 MHz
· Z-WAVE ™ repeater: yes
· Range: up to 40m in interior spaces (depends on local conditions)
Protection against overheating: yes
Overload Protection: Yes
Driver's cross section: 0.5 to 1.5 mm² (20 to 16 AWG)
Enclosure Material: Plastic
Ambient temperature: -20 ° C to 40 ° C
Humidity: 30% to 70% hr
Black color
Weight: 29 g
Size: 37 x 42 x 16 mm

1 x shelly qubino wave 2pm
1x Instruction Manual

Bar Code: 3800235269015
Reference: Shzwave2pm

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