Shelly TRV Thermostatic Valve for Radiator Smart Wifi

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Shelly TRV- WiFi-controlled thermostatic valve for water radiator 

Shelly TRV allows you to control the temperature of the radiators in your house wherever Shelly CloudYour unique design and advanced technology are the perfect complement to your home. For more comfort, Shelly TRV also has a LED display and buttons for fast adjustments and It has a rechargeable battery. You can connect the Shelly TRV to Shelly H&T To control your boiler automatically. 

With Shelly TRV you can define the temperature between the 5ºC to 30 ° C You can always be comfortable at home with your family. You can customize it on the basis of Time, light, temperature and more. Help you use your radiators as efficiently as possible and savings in the electricity account. You can use your shelly TRV with a voice assistant But you can also use it without hub, controlling directly through your smartphone.


Product characteristics:
Brand: Shelly
Name: Shelly TRV
Battery Type: Rechargeable 3.6V 6500MAH NCR18650BD Rechargeable Battery Panasonic of the Charger
DC power supply: Type C USB (> 2a), not included charger
Energy consumption: <500 mA
Working Temperature: 0ºC ~ 30ºC
Temperature control range: 5ºC ~ 30ºC
Connectivity: Smart Wifi
Sunrise, and sunset: yes
Weekly Hours: Yes
WiFi Protocol: WiFi 802.11 B/ G/ N
WiFi radio frequency: 2412 - 2472 MHz (max. 2495 MHz)
Wifi radio signal power: 1mw
WiFi range: up to 30 m indoors (depending on building materials)
Dimensions: 94 x 62 x 53 mm


Bar Code: 3800235262559
Reference: SHTRV

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