Shelly Wall Display Multifunction screen Android Wifi and Bluetooth White

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Shelly Wall Display 4 inch multifunction screen Wifi and Bluetooth in White

The Shelly Wall Display is a 4-inch touch screen with WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity that allows you to control multiple devices in your home or office. It has a flexible power supply from 110 to 230 V and can adapt to different electrical systems.

With the integrated temperature sensor , relay for lighting control and thermostat function, you can create a more comfortable and efficient environment. Full integration with Shelly Cloud allows you to access and control devices remotely, monitor energy consumption and schedule based on sunrise and sunset to optimize energy efficiency.

Having the Android system, simple and easy installation, it is the obvious, practical and most efficient choice to replace traditional wall switches in your automation system, both residential and commercial.

Product characteristics:
Brand: Shelly
Model: Shelly Wall Display
Color white
Application: Shelly Cloud
Connectivity: WiFi, Bluetooth
Screen: 4" high quality touch screen
Power supply: 110 - 230 V AC
Electrical circuit control: 1 circuit (1 channel)
Neutral wire: Not necessary
Lighting control: Light switching
Sensors: temperature, humidity and LUX
Brightness control: Automatic
Screen night mode: Yes

1x Shelly Wall Display White
1x User Manual

Barcode: 3800235262603

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