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200w bifacial solar panel  Ecoflow 

Ecoflow's 220 W's 220 W portable solar panel is two in one. With a 220 W primary side and a 155 W side at the back for ambient light. You can capture up to 25% more solar energy and charge your portable power plant even faster. Try a mirrored surface and you can get up to 80% more energy.

Tempered glass. Built to last the fear design of tempered glass of a piece makes it five times more resistant than comparable panels, it can also withstand heat up to 140 ° C. It is safe to say that it supports the natural elements.

Compact and portable. It is a portable solar panel designed from the beginning to be compact. 10% lower than 220 W comparable panels saves space with thinner tempered glass and less surface area required for the same input.

It comes with your own transport case so you can take you anywhere. Once you reach your destination, just unfold it and use it as a support to get perfect sun exposure.

We climbed the bar with this panel. It is completely waterproof and dust. Rain, wind or sun, your panel is safe with IP68 waterproof classification.

Characteristics of product:
Power: 220W Front/155W Rear
Cell Type: Monocrystalline Silicon
Efficiency: 22-23%
Voltage: 21.8 V (VMP 18.4 V)
Short Circuit Chain: 13a (IMP 12.0A) Front/ 8.8a (imp8.4a) rear
Dimensions: 82 x183 x2.5 cm
Weight: 9.5 kg

1x solar panel bag
1x solar panel 200W
1x solar cable for XT60

Reference: EFSOLAR220W
Bar Code: 4897082666332

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