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Module 4 in 1 Smart Sleep Sleep Small Switches with 433MHz Control - Sonoff 4chpror3

Sonoff 4CH Pro R3 Itead is part of a 433MH2 RF receiver module that enables Switch to be controlled by RF command. It is a universal 4 -channel wifi wireless Switch for the home system where it allows for remotely turning on / off and appliances and electronic devices
through the Android/OS App ewelink or via command RF 433MHZ.
It also supports timing for devices in a specified time and sharing with others so you can control your smart home with your family. Can also control your appliances through voice through the Amazon Alexa and with Google Home / NEST, enjoy the
Smart life and make your home smarter.

Product characteristics:
APP Support: iOS and Android App Mobile ewelink.
Synchronization State: Real -time device status provided by the application.
Remote On / Off: Call 4 electrical devices on / off remotely from anywhere.
Independent Control: Control each group separately in the EWELINK APP.
Remote Control: Supports command RF433MHZ.
Timer: Supports 8 countdown / timing / repetition tasks to enable / disable at specified time.
DIN Rail Support: Great for industrial use.
Voice Control: Compatible with the Amazon Alexa It is Google Assistant.
Share Control: Control your smart home with your family.

Remotely control lights or devices connected via app
3 Work modes with automatic locking, interlocking mode and gradual advance for garage door with remote control and blinds
Support a timer programming to make the devices start and stop working automatically
Customize smart scenes to make the device connected with the key to trigger other devices
Share the device control permission with other accounts to control together
Check the status on / off in real time of devices on your phone
The state connected allows users to define / off / overdress status to the device connected before power failure and ensure that it remains in organized status after power restoration

Note: If you want to control the device by remote control in closed environments, you need to purchase the RF 433MH2 Command extra.

Voltage range: 400-240 V AC 50/60 Hz (DC: 9-23 V)
Max. Load: 10A / 2200W / Gang 40A / B800W / Total
Frequency Without Flo: WiFi 2.4 Che
Wireless Standard: KEEE802.12 B / Q / N 2.4 GH22.4 GH2 (2400m-2483, 5m)
Safety Mechanism: MRA / WRAR
Cabinet Material: PCVO
Gang: 4
Dimension: 145 * 90 * 34 mm
Operational Temperature (recommended):-10ºC-40ºC (24 ° F-104ºF)
Operational humidity: 5% - 95% UR, without condensation. 


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