Sonoff Doors and Window Sensor DW2 RF 433 MHz

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Sonoff Opening and Clip Sensor, door and windows RF 433 MHz

Sonoff's doors and windows sensor detects the opening and closing and allows you to receive a notification whenever such happens.

Do you want to protect your home when it is absent? Or simply want to light the light when the door opens? Or do you want the bedroom light to turn off automatically when it enters the room? Any of these will be a reality with the Sonoff DW2 RF Sleep Wireless Wire Sensor. The DW2 RF comes in two parts, the transmitter that fits the door or window and the magnetic contact that is connected to the shoulder. The sensor will trigger an alarm on your smartphone to notify that someone has opened the door or window. Connect to a chamber And you can see who entered. Check the window status in real time at Ewelink App.

The battery level display in real time and the weak battery reminder ensures that clearly know how long the sensor can work and when it is necessary to replace the batteries. With one
Simple double-sided tape installation is easy to install on door and windows.

Maintains connection with Sleep Smart devices to create multiple smart scenarios
Call / turn off your light with an action
Notify it when the door / window is opened
Check the opening and closing state of the door / window in the app
Battery display and weak battery reminder
Allows you to share the sensor with your family to monitor and control your home
Allows you to check historical registration in the app

DW2-RF whenever it detects a state change (opening / closure) sends an RF 433 MHz signal that should be received by a RF Bridge which will later turn on to Ewelink App to communicate with their other devices.

Note: Sonoff DW2 does not come with batteries on the packaging.

Product Specifications:
Brand: Sonoff
Model: DW2-RF
Battery: 2 x AAA Battery (not included)
Connectivity: RF 433 MHz
Application: Ewelink
Material: PC VO;
White color
Weight: 45g
Dimensions (mm): 77 x 49.5 x 18.8

Reference: SNDW2RF
Bar Code: 6920075776089

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