Sonoff Intelligent Curtain Engine Zigbee - Sonoff Zbcurtain

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Zigbee Smart Curtain Engine w/ battery - Sonoff Zbcurtain

Zigbee Sonoff ZB Shortin provides smooth and efficient control of your curtains, making your space more functional and modern, with your battery in 4000mah, offers an experience of home automation no complications and your wireless connection Zigbee 3.0.

With one power maximum of 5W, this curtain engine is designed for to support a variety of curtains, from pairs to unilateral, with a maximum weight of 8kg and a length of up to 3.5m. Its versatility is complemented by the gutter support, ensuring an installation easy It is safe. The compact design of the enclosure em ABS ensures a design resistant It is discreet to your residence.

Enjoy the convenience of controlling your curtains in a remote, schedule schedules and even integrate the Sonoff Zbcurtain with other devices Zigbee in your smart home. Raise the comfort and efficiency of your home with this smart curtain engine, offering a modern and accessible solution for the automation of your space.

Product characteristics:
Brand: Sonoff
Model: Zbcurtain
Food: USB-C (5V/1a)
Wireless connection: Zigbee 3.0
Application: Sonoff (compatible with iOS and Android)
Battery capacity: 4000mah
Battery model: 103450x2 3.7V
Maximum power: 5W
Applicable curtains:
- Curtain Support Type: Gutter
- Type of curtain: double or unilateral
- Both weight. Curtain: 8kg
- Curtain length: <3.5m
- DAY DIAMETER: <40 mm
- Space between rail and ceiling:> 2mm
Enclosure Material: ABS
- Main module: 115x78x29mm
- Auxiliary module: 115x58x28mm
Weight: 820g

1x curtain engine
1x Curtain Remote Control
1x Curtain Remote Control Base
1x vice armband
1x screw
1x USB Cable Type C (3m)
4x tape
2x C Support
1x Instruction Manual

Bar Code: 6920075777451

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