Sonoff Intelligent Thermostat Zigbee for Radiators - TRVZB

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Sonoff Intelligent Thermostat Zigbee for Radiators - TRVZB

O SONOFF TRVZB it is a Intelligent thermostat for radiators that will revolutionize the way the mood controls in your home. Yours connectivity advanced allows perfect integration with hubs zigbee. Controls this technology from the cutting -edge through a simple touch on application or uses voice commands to adjust the temperature Environment instantly and intuitively.

Imagine being able to synchronize the SONOFF TRVZB with virtual assistants that are already part of your daily life, like the Amazon Alexa and the Google Home. Now it is possible to command your Intelligent thermostat easily, through your voice, making the thermal management experience even simpler and more efficient. This device is not just a valve - it is a thermostat intelligent that simplifies your life by always keeping the environment in temperature Ideal, providing continuous comfort.

A energy efficiency It is also a priority with the SONOFF TRVZB. Feeded by stacks, this device not only offers exceptional durability but also helps reduce energy costs over time. Awakens to a new world of advanced thermal control, where innovation finds efficiency, and your home becomes a truly intelligent It is comfortable. The future of comfort begins now with the SONOFF TRVZB.

Product characteristics:
Brand: Sonoff
Model: TRVZB
Product: Sonoff Intelligent Thermostat Zigbee for Radiators
Communication Protocol: Zigbee 3.0
Power input: 4.5V (3 1.5V AA batteries each)
Battery model: AA 1.5V LR6 alkaline battery
Color white
Dimensions: 59.4 x 59.4 x 95mm
Net Weight: 154g
Box Material: PC
Temperature adjustment range: -4 ° C to 35 ° C

1 x Sonoff Intelligent Thermostat Zigbee for radiators
6 x valve adapters (lime, ravl, rav, m28, gia and ra)
1 x Instruction Manual

Reference: SNTRVZB
Bar Code: 6920075740950

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