Sonoff M5 Smart switch 1 channel pressure 80mm wifi gray

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Smart Switch M5 of 1 Channel 80mm Gray Gray Sonoff

 Sonoff's M5 smart switches are an excellent choice for those who want to turn their home into a smart home. Compatible with voice assistants such as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, these switches can be easily controlled by voice commands, making light control even more convenient.

This smart switch M5 of 1 channel 80mm Works by Wi-fi and can be remotely controlled by the application ewelink from the Sonoffallowing users to call and turn off the lights of their home from anywhere in the world. With the timer function, Sonoff's M5 switches also allow you to schedule the time when the lights will be turned on and off automatically, bringing even more convenience to everyday life.

Intelligent switches M5 from the Sonoff They are available in two sizes, 80mm and 86mm, and can have between 1 to 3 channels, which means you can control more than one light with only one switch. With the integration of movement sensors and other intelligent devices, it is possible to create an automated system that turns on and off the lights according to the presence of people at home, providing even more comfort and safety.

The switch has the latest Sonoff technology, Ewelink Remote Gateway which allows to connect up to 8 subspositions. Such as an R5 scenario switch. Not depending on the internet this works even when wifi is unavailable.

Conventionally, the 86mm model is suitable for simple mirror installations and 80mm is suitable for double, triple or quadruple mirror installations together with a frame.

It is important to remember that the installation of these electrical devices is vividly recommended to be done by a capable professional to ensure the safety of the house's electrical system.

This switch only works if it has a neutral or the possibility of pulling a neutral to the box of the equipment.

Product characteristics:
Brand: Sonoff
Model: M5-1C-80
Dimensions: 80 x 86 x 41.5mm
Weight: 154g
Gray color
Food: 100-220v 50/60Hz 10A max
Application: Ewelink
Working temperature: -10 ° C -40 ° C
Output: 300 W/220 V, 150 W/1 10 V per channel
Material: PC VO

1x switch M5 1c 80mm
1x Instruction Manual
2x screws



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