Sonoff Mini R2 Switch - WiFi Module

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Bidirectional switch module for Sonoff Mini R2 automation

Switch (relay) Sonoff Mini R2 with hidden antenna. It serves to make any conventional switch on a smart switch (must be installed behind the switch). Allows you to take the switch physically and even through the application or virtual assistant.

Compatible with Amazon Alexa It is Google Assistant.

Product characteristics:
Control your appliances with the app.
Ask the devices to turn on / off only by a voice command.
Set an hour for devices to start or stop working automatically.
Allow developers to update the firmware to access more features they want.
Support the oscillating light switch to control devices (not included self-refinement switch).
Create smart scenes to activate / disable Sonoff device groups playing on your phone
Take an action to trigger another or get a message alert on your phone.
Share the device with your family to control it together.
Check the device status change on your phone in real time.
Run the device on your phone, although without normal Wi-Fi connection.
Keep the device on the status before power failure when the electrical system is restored.

Dimensions: 48 × 46 × 30 mm

Bar Code: 4102178312018 | 6920075776195

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