Sonoff Module for S-Mate2 Extreme scenarios


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Module for SONOFF S-Mate2 Extreme scenes

The Sonoff S-Mate 2 Extreme is an innovative solution that redefines the way you interact with devices in your home. This intelligent module , developed by Sonoff , stands out for simplifying the creation of personalized scenarios , allowing perfect integration with the devices already present in your space. Its main advantage lies in the ease with which it transforms your home into a truly intelligent environment, without the need for complex installations.

Powered by a long-lasting battery , which achieves an incredible 5 years of autonomy, the Sonoff S-Mate 2 Extreme eliminates dependence on the neutral in the switch box, providing unique flexibility in installation. This aspect not only simplifies the integration process, but also guarantees remarkable durability , allowing you to get the most out of smart features without constant worries about the device's power .

By purchasing the Sonoff S-Mate 2 Extreme , you are investing in a more efficient and connected experience. Imagine arriving home and, with a simple touch of the switch, turning on the lights, adjusting the temperature and activating the desired devices. This intelligent module makes home automation accessible and uncomplicated, providing you with greater convenience and control over the environment around you. Transform your home into a truly smart space with the Sonoff S-Mate 2 Extreme , and discover the infinite potential of connectivity in the palm of your hand.

Product characteristics:
Brand: Sonoff
Model: S-Mate2 Extreme
Battery Model: CR2477
Power: 3VDC
Dimensions: 40.3 x 37.4 x 18.3 mm
Color white
Material: ABS
Weight: 46.8 g
Operating temperature: -10ºC - 40ºC

1 x Module for SONOFF S-Mate 2 Extreme scenarios
1 x Connector
5 x White Wire
1 x Instruction Manual

Barcode: 6920075740936
Reference: SNSMATE2

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