Sonoff Ths01 - Probe / Temperature and Humidity Sensor RJ9

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Sonoff ths01 temperature and moisture sensor RJ9

Sonoff Ths01 measures temperature and moisture when linked to a device measures An environment simply and accurately. 

The Sonoff THS01 sensor should be connected to a device that records readings such as: TH Origin 16a / 20a, Th elite 20a.

After placing the sensor on a device, all settings and readings are associated with this device and can be used to create multiple scenarios to measure. For example, whenever the sensor detects a temperature below 13ºC trigger the heater current, among many other applications.


Product Specifications
Brand: Sonoff
Name: THS01
Black color
Cable Length: 50cm
Connector Type: RJ9 4P4C
Temperature: -40ºC ~ +85ºC
Operational humidity: 0 ~ 100%Rh


Bar code:  6920075777802

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